Key Pricing Models for Pressure Washing Services

  1. Per Square Foot Pricing
    • Commonly used for large, uniform areas like driveways or decks.
    • Rates vary but often range between $0.08 to $0.35 per square foot.
  2. Flat Rate Pricing
    • Suitable for standard jobs with predictable effort, like washing a small patio or a standard-sized house.
    • This model simplifies billing for both the service provider and the customer.
  3. Hourly Rate Pricing
    • Used for jobs where the time requirement is unpredictable.
    • Rates typically range from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the region and level of expertise.

Factors Influencing Pricing

  • Size and Complexity of the Job
    • Larger and more complex jobs require more time and resources, leading to higher costs.
  • Type of Surface Being Cleaned
    • Different materials (e.g., concrete, wood, vinyl) may require specific cleaning methods, influencing the price.
  • Condition of the Area
    • Areas with more dirt, grime, or mold might require more intensive cleaning, impacting the cost.
  • Location and Accessibility
    • Distance traveled and ease of access to the site can affect pricing.
  • Local Market Rates
    • Prices can vary significantly based on the local market and competition.

Additional Charges and Considerations

  • Minimum Service Fee
    • Many companies have a minimum charge to cover basic operational costs.
  • Special Treatments and Add-Ons
    • Additional services like sealing or stain removal are typically charged extra.
  • Discounts and Packages
    • Some providers offer discounts for multiple services or for regular maintenance contracts.


Pressure washing businesses typically adopt a pricing model that best suits the nature of their services and clientele. These models include per square foot, flat rate, and hourly rate pricing. The final charge to the customer is influenced by factors like the size of the area, the type of surface, the condition of the site, and local market conditions. Transparency in pricing and clear communication with customers about the factors influencing the cost are crucial for a successful and trustworthy service relationship.