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We had Josh and his crew on-site at our apartment complex to pressure wash our entire property. They were punctual, professional and did and amazing job! We will be using them again for projects in the future.

Thanks Josh!

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Our commercial pressure washing service entails many different types of cleaning. At Soft Hands Pressure Washing we provide full service power washing services in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and most other parts of the Phoenix-Metro Area. We offer free commercial power washing estimates and reoccurring service schedules to meet our clients needs. We are insured and fully licensed to do business in the state of Arizona.

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Serving HOA’s, Property Management, Building & Business Owners

What can we pressure wash? Most hard surfaces, top to bottom and in-between. If your property’s building exteriors, parking areas, walkways, patios, or pool deck(s) are in need of some love and shine we can help. We utilize the safest pressure washing techniques and cleaners to bring your surfaces back to life. With a professional pressure wash you can instantly increase the appease of your property! If you’re trying to save money and brighten Ask us about setting up a scheduled maintenance plan.

We Clean All Hard Surfaces!

  • Sidewalks / Walkways

  • Building Exteriors

  • Stairwells

  • Parking Garages / Areas

  • Entryways

  • Pool Decks

  • Driveways

  • Pavers

  • Outdoor Sports Court Cleaning

  • Specialty Cleaning

  • Chewing Gum Removal

  • Hard Water, Calcium & Efflorescence Buildup

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Commercial Building Washing

Clean up the property with the best commercial pressure wash in town! Wind and dirt tend to stain a building over time, we stop that. Don’t just re-paint, use our commercial pressure washing service to get the job done the right way. With Soft Hands Pressure Washing we offer the best commercial pressure wash and renewal in the Phoenix metro area.
Knock away dirt, mud, cobwebs, and other harmful buildup that will damage the building and lower the curb appeal of your property. Eliminate heavy dirt and brighten the building with a wash that will leave your buildings looking new again.

Sidewalk, Walkway, or Pathway Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing is great for sidewalks, walkways, cross-walks, or any other heavy traffic area. The more foot traffic you have, the more cleaning needs to be done or you risk continued and worsened wear over time. Reduce risk of falls and lower your liability by keeping your sidewalks and walkways clean and clear all year round. When done correctly and in conjunction with the proper chemicals pressure washing can get rid of oil, dirt, grease, and nasty spills that continue to wear down your surfaces. Ask us about a maintenance schedule!

Commercial Parking Area
Commercial Parking Garage
Pressure Washing Services

Is the Parking area looking grimy? Clean up dirt build up, oil congestion and buildup, spills, even brighten paint lines! We pressure wash small parking areas and we offer parking garage cleaning as well as asphalt cleaning services at amazing rates. Treat tire marks, oil leaks, grease, and other fluid stains plus while bringing out a nice freshly cleaned shine. Commercial Pressure Wash, Water Broom / Sweep, Hot Water Pressure Wash & Cold Water Pressure Wash services, We can do it all! We work around your schedule to keep your parking easily available to customers and employees. We offer 24 hrs service scheduling. Give us a call!

Keep the fleet looking sharp and shiny! We offer service on ALL sizes of fleet vehicles.

Keep that fleet on the road and looking fresh. We all know you only get ONE first impression so let us help you make it great. We offer service during off hours to reduce any down time for cleaning. We can give things a quick rinse or we can get in there deep and knock out the dirt and gunk that builds up over time. Wash, Wax, Polish, Shine, Shampoo, Vacuum, and More. Fleet pressure washing is important to our current clients so we know it must be important to you.

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  • Walkways

  • Building Exteriors

  • Parking Areas

  • Oil & Grease Stains

  • Fleet Vehicles

  • Utility Vehicles

  • Signage

  • And Much More..

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Everyone knows it’s easier to keep something clean than it is to only do a deep scrub every once in a while. That’s why if you make our job easier, we make yours easier and save you money! We offer discounts on regular scheduled cleaning services that you book with our team. Stay ahead of the dirt and grime while we blow it away.